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Who is this for?
Data scientists, analytics pros, business analysts, and product decision makers. Follow a guided method to lead the data-to-decision workflow.
lead the data-to-decision workflow
What is this about?
Modern collaboration tools to guide and decide. Our DTD method blends the data, decision, and behavioral sciences. See a case study.
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Why is this valuable?
Speed workflows and improve decision quality. Derisk and debias with radical transparency. Develop talent and build trust.
Structured method guides Data-to-Decision

First, identify key questions that need to be answered. What do you intend to explore, and why? What relevant data sets are available?
Next, identify the best analytical tools, methods, and models for answering the questions. What skills are required? Who should be on the team?
What insights have been revealed? Visually connect actions and outcomes in a simple format, with supporting data. Follow guided steps to debias and derisk the decision. (See a case study and corresponding tutorial.)
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